We have just moved to a new town.  These three thoughts crept into my head while I was out.

1) In my new town, looking like crap is completely acceptable. Not because it’s the norm but because no one knows who I am.  There is no ‘Friday night party clothes’ to compare what I could look like relative to what I really look like by default.

Spicy dress-up night.

2) No more peer pressure. By peer pressure I mean other mothers at school. I can throw away the fundraiser forms with impunity because well, I’m new. Can’t exactly bake cookies, go on the field trip or sell crap door to door when I’m ‘just getting everyone settled’ could I?

3) I could ‘rejuvenate’ and no one would know.  A little Botox, some Restylane and maybe just a wee bigger cup size and who would be the wiser?  You might come to visit from my, Old Town and think, ‘wow, I should move up here too.  Heather looks so, I don’t know, refreshed.’ Yup, refreshed.


Soon my secret will be out.  Little by little people will get used to seeing me and then it’s a slippery slope to putting on makeup and having to remember people’s names. Sadly, the masquerade will end once I start pretending to care about mundane day-to-day topics with burgeoning neighbours and acquaintances.  Right now though, I will savour the calm and ironically the beauty that comes with new-town anonymity. If you haven’t thought about moving, I would highly suggest it.  I won’t tell anyone that you’re new. Your secret’s safe with me.