Talk about myself?  Um, okay.

My husband asked me,

“Why do you like Brad Paisely?” I said,

“Because he tells a story and there’s nothing better than a story wrapped up in a song.”

For me, this holds true for any type of music, if you are telling a story I am listening, if you add music I’m your biggest fan.

I like to think that I am a decent story teller.  I learned quickly that if you don’t get to the point within three sentences no one is listening.  As a professional speaker, I need people to listen.  (Plus I probably like to hear myself talk).

Here’s my story.

My mom told me to get a degree in a field where I could get a job.  I wanted to persue a degree in broadcasting but that wasn’t sensible.  So I got a degree in Biochemistry.  This proved to be extremely unhelpful in finding a job in broadcasting.

My brother said I should start my own business.  I explained to him that I didn’t want to be a business person, In fact, I didn’t know the first thing about business and that sales were for insurance people.

In 1995, I opened my first business, Pinnacle Fitness. It was a hit. I later renamed it Results Training which lead to an increase in speaking engagements and training programs.  I was selling ‘life’ skills to anyone that would listen.

My tale changed dramatically when I met my wonderful husband.  We have three children and opened a successful events company together.   Hark Events was born along with our three beauties, Clara, Ellie and Fiona.

Now I was ready to sing my country song.  Having life experiences as a single person is fabulous. Challenging yourself with the dynamics of marriage and a small brood gave my song the grace, strength and wisdom that is needed to speak to people with some sense of empathy and genuine experience.

I am now a full time writer and speaker once again.

Looking for an engaging, entertaining speaker with a message?  Drop me an email or call!

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