Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Recently I overheard two moms debating which was healthier, a spread that looks like chocolate but is technically derived from nuts or liquid corn syrup that pours out of a bottle shaped like a 1950′s skirt?  This makes me laugh on the inside for two reasons:

1) Because I have both in my cupboard

2) There really is no debate.

Of course there are pros and cons to each one, but my best friend Tina @threeinthebed said the following question was the litmus test:

“When you are alone amongst piles of laundry, dirty dishes, lunches to pack and a looming work deadline, which one would you rather eat?”

And here my healthy dedicated moms the answer was simple. Dipping a spoon into the wide-mouthed jar of creamy, nutty chocolate-ness and letting my tongue slide over the elixir of life wins every time. Can you honestly imagine trying to emotionally fulfill your secret dreams and fantasies by popping the syrup lid and taking a swig? Ew.

This begs the question, which one is actually healthier (still laughing, this time out loud). Consider ‘mental health’ the dark horse when it comes to debates about the effects of healthy eating, it clearly takes the lead in this mommy’s health and wellness. I will end this discussion for these moms with a recipe that can fix the bleakest of days:

Secure two slices of soulless non-organic white bread

Put in toaster

Apply ample butter

Layer on chocolate spread



Debate over.